Emaline Baronofsky

Graduate Philadelphia!  Where would I be today if it were not for this organization?

I was out of work and indecisive of my next course of action. I went to an open house offered by Graduate Philadelphia and found an open door leading to answers to my future. I liked the fact that they did not favor one school over another, but focused on my needs and how they could help me reach my goals.

I spent most of my adult life working and attending classes on an extremely sporadic basis.  So, thirty years later, I still had not completed my degree.  At the open house I met Kristopher Scott, an advisor at Graduate! Philadelphia.  He was very informed about the colleges in the Philadelphia area and very generous with sharing this information.  We met a few times and he was instrumental in helping me plan my return to school.

I am currently attending Peirce College and have less than 10 classes to complete for my BA degree.  Without the support of Graduate Philadelphia and the staff at Peirce, I do not feel I would be this close to reaching this goal.

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