On August 31, 2023, The Graduate! Network announced the creation of a new strategic operating partnership with CAEL (the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning). To learn more, visit CAEL’s website, and you can read the full announcement here.

Why It Matters!

45 Million

There are 45 million individuals in the United States with some college credit but no degree. We call them the Comebackers. Many stopped out because of a mismatch with the college or university they started attending, difficulties balancing family and life issues with school, finances or debt. Now, they are barred from many jobs with good pay that require a college credential, their children have no role models for college completion at home, and they may still carry the stigma of failure.

Community by community and state by state, The Graduate! Network is catalyzing a growing national movement to increase college completion among adults

Partners & Affiliates

Communities, States, Programs & Institutions that have engaged with us to advance their work in support of educational access, equity, and completion for Comebackers (highlighted in orange). States and locations highlighted in purple are partners and affiliates that currently provide institution-agnostic navigating services for Comebackers.


The Graduate! Network is a national think and do tank catalyzing movement toward educational equity.


We illuminate solutions to the educational inequities facing economically vulnerable adults and activate pathways for those adults to achieve their educational goals.


We amplify lived experience through data and storytelling; co-create models for post-secondary completion; and champion policies that contribute to a more just society.