Data That Move Us

The Data That Move Us project is helping to create a more robust collection, mining, analysis, interpretation, and reporting system in support of The Graduate! Network’s mission to boost adult college degree completion. The project pulls together client-level data from the Network’s community member programs, combines them with outside data sources such as NSC student level enrollment and graduation records, and analyzes the data for important insight.

In 2019, The Graduate! Network teamed up with New America, a think tank with deep expertise on higher education policy, on Data That Move Us to develop a new understanding of the college-going behavior of adult and returning students.  This new understanding will give us a clearer picture of how the thousands of people interested in returning to college who work with The Graduate! Network fare once they re-enroll and what types of interventions support their journey from credits to a degree.

Most recently, Data That Move Us issued a research report highlighting new findings on the adult population returning to college. This report, Adults Returning to and Graduating from College: Pathways and Predictive Factors, answers the questions: Who wants to complete their degree? What pathways did they travel to graduation? and What factors were predictive of enrollment and graduation?

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2019 Data That Move Us Report

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