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A Conversation With Corpus Christi, Texas

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How did an adult completion agenda first come about in your community?

When we were developing plans for Coastal Compass Education and Career Resource Center, we reviewed lots of data.  We were surprised and dismayed at the percentage of our region’s population that had started college but did not finish.  The majority of jobs in our area require post-secondary education.  Initially Coastal Compass was going to be an education resource center (only), until we saw the projected needs for skilled workers. It made sense to link education to the jobs in our region, which has now led to the development of guided career pathways to high demand jobs in our area.

Who were your first champions?

Dr. Mark Escamilla, President of Del Mar College, and Ken Trevino, President of Workforce Solutions of the Coastal Bend, were the early champions.   Both were in leadership positions on the Citizens for Educational Excellence Board and worked with community partners to bring awareness to the importance of post-secondary education for jobs in our region.  They are strong and influential leaders who have great vision and are skilled at bringing people together.

What is your attainment goal?

The Corpus Christi attainment goal mirrors our state’s higher education goal:  At least 60 percent of the population will have a certificate or degree by 2030.

Why is your community an awesome place?

Corpus Christi is an awesome place because of the PEOPLE!  We are so very fortunate to have organizations that work together as true partners.  There is a strong belief in service to our community and everyone is at the table to be part of this challenging work.  Additionally, Corpus Christi is a beautiful city with the perfect climate.  We have outstanding educational institutions and an abundance employment opportunities.  There is no better place to be, than the City by the Sea!

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  • Educate:  Be recognized as an important source of information on education issues.
  • Engage:  Raise awareness of education issues and obtain support for action.
  • Coordinate:  Work with other organizations to promote improvement of education in the community.
  • Evaluate:  Assess the impact of the stated goals and strategies.