Shawndelle Chester

College Now Greater Cleveland

I am a 41-year-old wife and mother of three. I returned to college part-time in 2016 and graduated with an Associate of Applied Business; Administrative Office Management in December 2021. I learned about College Now after my second year in school through an internet scholarship search. The scholarship I received annually through College Now helped me to reduce the amount of debt I incurred to finish my degree. As a young, single parent, I was unable to complete my coursework in college right after high school. I discontinued my studies and joined the work force. I worked in multiple professional roles from age 19-35 and I returned to college when I realized I was not being given the respect I believed I earned through my experience, only because I didn’t have my degree. My confidence began to soar once I returned to school. As you listen to my story, you will hear about my hardships, my victories, and the things I would do differently if I could do it again. One of the most important things I realized was that I would graduate at my pace, and it was ok. 

As you are returning to school, my best advice to you is to encourage you reach out to agencies like College Now to help you find the most affordable way to return to school, do not take out more loans than needed to cover tuition only, and set time aside every day for your work! 

My personal goal is to live a fulfilled life with my family and help my children to not have the same hindrances in life that I had. My professional goal is to have a career where I can excel and help my company grow, while still having time for my family. I have reached the first step of my educational goal to complete my degree and maybe continue to get my bachelor’s in the future.

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