2023 Programming

April 19th

Innovations in Credit for Prior Learning

The American Council on Education co-hosted a session with The Graduate! Network designed exclusively for practitioners and educators committed to adult college enrollment and completion.

Jenifer Kautzman, Associate Director of Operations, Engagement and Communication at ACE covered topics ranging from Credit for Prior Learning basics to the mechanics of assessing credit to the myriad ways ACE is working to make using CPL relatively seamless for higher education and transparent for learners. 

Missed the session? Members can view the session recording as well as access curated session materials and resources in our Member Repository.

March 16th

The Adult Experience: The Journey to and through Higher Education

Our partners at California Competes are embarking on a study to better understand the experience of Comebackers. In this general interest session open to Network affiliates, members and friends of TGN, we learned how California Competes is approaching this work, the important role of Project Attain! (TGN’s California affiliate), and the ways in which their findings might be used to inform state (and national) policy for adults. You can view the session recording here.

February 15th

Pop-Up Session: Let’s Talk Data (That Move Us)

In this first ‘Pop-Up” style session, network affiliates examined updated data from our Data That Move Us project including their own program data. Affiliates learned what we have discovered in our most recent data run and how to leverage their program’s dashboard and our overall findings to build support for their local efforts. Additionally, we heard from members about what else we can do and how they would like to see the dashboard evolve to better meet their local needs. Our research to action guru Bridgett Strickler and board chair (and former Ford Foundation executive) John Colborn joined, and the session was facilitated by TGN Co-founder, President & CEO, Sallie Glickman.

January 19th

Bridging the Talent Gap: Garnering Employer Support for Your Work!

Guest mentors Dr. Cheryl Garrison, Executive Director of Greenville Chamber Foundation & Director of Talent, Education and Leadership Programs, Christi Taylor, Senior Director of Talent Initiatives at the Detroit Regional Chamber, and Martha Hughes, Adults in Education Manager with United Way of Central New Mexico (UWCNM) joined us to share the ways in which they are leveraging BTTG to activate employers in support of their efforts in service to adults.

January 26th

Intent Matters – In Partnership with CollegeAPP

We invited our friends Jack MacKenzie and Andy Carlson from CollegeAPP to share what they discovered in their recent report, Intent Matters: Avoiding the Enrollment Cliff. During this learning session, we explored their findings from more than 150,000 surveys they have conducted since 2019 to predict the likelihood an adult intends to pursue postsecondary education, along with their preference for institution-level and modality. Peer-to-peer conversations on what we learned and its implications for equitable postsecondary outcomes for adults were part of this session, closing with a fantastic demo of the CollegeAPP tool. We invite you to watch this session, and learn of our discoveries!

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