2022 Programming

August 10th

Journey with Joi – Building & Nurturing Virtual Communities

The last two+ years have demonstrated that we can accomplish a great deal through virtual collaboration. But can we really replicate virtually the connectivity that occurs naturally when we occupy the same physical space?

Journey with Joi is a series dedicated to nurturing the community of professionals who support the educational trajectories of adults across the nation. So it is only natural that our first session was devoted to co-designing and learning together how we can create an optimum environment for networking, engagement, and ongoing support.

The goal: create a community that feeds our collective souls and spirits – and take away tools that you can use in your daily work.

We hope you enjoyed starting this journey with your guide Joi McAtee and her guest Sallie Glickman for this inaugural session.

May 24th

Special Session – Credit for Prior Learning

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) can be a powerful tool in support of degree and credential attainment.  At its best, it has the potential to accelerate time to completion and lower tuition costs for adults. Unfortunately, those on the front lines of helping adults navigate back to college often experience challenges in leveraging this tool for those they are assisting.

In partnership with the American Council on Education, the nation’s leader and a key influencer in the world of Credit for Prior Learning, we are excited to launch an effort to elevate the experiences from across our network and the voices of the adults you serve to inform improvements to the CPL and remove impediments to its application for returning students.

March 9th

Director Professional Learning Community

 For this meeting, there will be a two-part discussion. First, we want to explore how our communities are working with their higher education partners and schools, including solutions communities bring to partners and how to support higher ed institutions working with Comebackers. We recommend listening to this recent news story on some of the current issues in higher education.

The second discussion will be around expanding community outreach, including successes and challenges communities face, and unique approaches in outreach. We will be using small breakout groups for these discussions and look forward to learning from one another.

February 23rd

Navigator Professional Learning Community:

Introduction to Appreciative Advising Workshop

This engaging and interactive virtual workshop facilitated by the Florida Atlantic University Office of Appreciative Education is designed to help you learn how to build effective relationships with your students! At The Graduate! Network, we are adopting this fully student-centered and proven Appreciative Advising Theory-to-Practice Framework to help us to increase student retention and improve student success rates. As Navigators, we all contribute to our students’ success and this workshop will be time well spent to introduce us to Appreciative Advising strategies and techniques, and to inspire and empower us to put this transformative framework into immediate practice! During this interactive workshop, participants will be introduced to the six phases of Appreciative Advising and will learn through lecture as well as engagement in conversations with colleagues and reflective activities.

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