We at The Graduate! Network are focused on adults with some college credits but no degree or credential. Building on our 10+ years of experience in over 30 communities across the country, we share the most recent and impactful learnings and push ourselves to the next level at LearnX, our annual convening.

LearnX 2018 was on October 18th-19th, in Kansas City, Missouri. Attendees connected with experts and learned from peers who are moving the needle on adult education attainment. This year, we hosted representatives from almost 30 different communities from over 15 different states across the country. Representatives from all Graduate! Community leaders, stakeholders, and experts convened at the fantastic Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City, MO to share their recent and impactful learnings. You can access some photo highlights from the two day convening as well as audio files from all panels and keynote speakers and PowerPoint presentations below. You can find more pictures, highlights and musings from LearnX 2018 on our Facebook page and by search call social media platforms for the hashtag #LearnX18.

LearnX Photo Highlights

PowerPoint Presentations

David Williams, Mayor Jim Strickland, Jessica Gibson, Hadass Sheffer
Adriana Contreras
Sara Lundquist, Jaime Fall, John Colborn, Beth Tankersley-Bankhead, Jessica Gibson
Joi McAtee
Sara Lundquist
John Colborn and Sallie Glickman
Dan Ash and Jeff Nally
Sara Lundquist and David Scobey

LearnX 2017 was on October 19th-20th, in Memphis, Tennessee. Attendees connected with experts and learned from peers who are moving the needle on adult education attainment. The theme was completion, sustainability, and scaling programs that support adult students. Representatives from all Graduate! Communities, stakeholders, and experts convened at Bridges Conference Center in Memphis, Tennessee to share their recent and impactful learnings. You can read comments from attendees below and check out more pictures from the event on our facebook page and see tweets at #LearnX17.

“If every TN high school graduate goes to college and gets a degree we still won’t reach [the Drive to 55] goal. We need to include adult learners.”

 Jessica Gibson, Assistant Executive Director, Adult Learner Initiatives, Tennessee Higher Education Commission

“Debt can be a hard stopping point for returning adults.  Getting transcripts from schools that don’t exist anymore; schools that only have transcripts on paper.” 

Beth Tankersley-Bankhead, Executive Director, KC Scholars

“There are too many “best kept secrets” for adults: The actual cost of college versus sticker price, that advising services exist, that tutoring doesn’t have to cost anything… We need to make public the best kept secrets.”

Sara Lundquist, Strategy Consultant, Lumina Foundation   

“One of the most important parts of scalability is the infrastructure you have in place. The Graduate! Network was amazing in entering those conversations early.”  

Adriana Contreras, Executive Director, San Antonio Education Partnership

“The issue isn’t that students aren’t college ready, it’s that colleges aren’t student ready. At College Unbound, we make sure the curriculum is student focused and changes to meet the needs of the student.” 

Adam Bush, Provost, College Unbound

“The decisions made on the academic end are developed inside the walls of the university. We need to be making the decision within the community.”     

Paul Bolton, Director of Adult Enrollment, Spalding University

The Graduate! Network released the 2017 Network Report, a year end summary of the year’s activities, including in depth summaries of several LearnX 2017 sessions. Read below to see what John Colborn, The Graduate! Network’s board chair, had to say about the year and click on the image to download your own PDF of the 2017 Network Report

“Congratulations to The Graduate! Network on a spectacular year in 2017. The Network’s efforts to reconnect adults to college and enable these “comebackers” to complete their education and advance for in the workplace has never been more timely. Check out a summary of the Network’s activities this year and a synopsis of its field-leading research on reconnecting adults to higher education and the critical role of employers in supporting this work.”

-John Colborn, Board Chair for The Graduate! Network

LearnX 2016 took place in Philadelphia in October. Click on the image below to view the Graduate! Network Quarterly Newspaper dedicated to LearnX 2016.

Click on the videos below to hear from the the LearnX 2015 participants. LearnX 2015  was the first Learning Exchange host by The Graduate! Network and took place in Philadelphia, PA.