Julia Capece

I have been trying to get back to school to complete my degree since 2005. I didn’t know which school to attend, what area to study, or how I would pay for it. All I knew was that I wanted to go back and finish this time. I attended countless college fairs, and I was searching online to find out how to do this and who to talk to, but there is much less information on going to college directed towards adult students than there is for traditional-age students. No one would really help me.

Luckily, one day there was a presentation by Graduate! Philadelphia in the office where I work. I work for the Revenue Department of the City of Philadelphia. I met a Graduate! Philadelphia advisor there and he’s been stuck with me for the past year!

I was an animal science major when I started school the first time and wanted initially to go back to that field of study.My advisor did tons of research to find out how I could continue those studies while still working fulltime but there just wasn’t a program that fit these criteria, so I decided to change my major and look into accounting and business management. I’m a science and math person so I’m now sticking with the math one, and it is truly what I now want. I know it’s going to work.

CCP has a really good business administration program, plus my Graduate! advisor and the Community College of Philadelphia advisor thought I would be a good candidate for CCP’s MyDegreeNow scholarship. To apply for it, you have to have been out of school for two years, have at least 30 transferable credits and a certain GPA from past courses. I met all of those criteria so I applied, and then I got it! The scholarship covers all of my tuition and main expenses for an Associates’ from CCP.

I just registered for class. It was the best registration ever. I have never been so excited to register for classes as I was the other day. I would not have been able to find out about this opportunity or how to go through the process of going back to school if it wasn’t for Graduate! Philadelphia. They helped me with every step I had to take to get here. I am so grateful they are here, and for this incredible opportunity.

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