Thanks to a generous grant from, The Graduate! Network launched a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiative in February 2020.  Equity is at the heart of the Graduate! Movement, this grant will provide TGN with the opportunity to focus intentionally on the issue of equity for our diverse communities. Ultimately, we want to provide communities with the resources and tools to better serve their communities.

On this webpage, you will find resources, a calendar of events, and a suggestions form. 

Equity can’t be an “additional duty as as assigned” to one individual or hastily formed committee. To truly achieve equity, “It takes intentionality, courage, vulnerability, and a plan.”

Our shared value approach and work:

  • Create shared value for business and society
  • Transformation the system
  • Collaborate with others
  • Complement with philanthropy
  • Lead through the business
  • Create opportunity
  • Enhancing sustainability

February: Black History Month Events & Learning Opportunities

As we celebrate and reflect on Black History Month, the Graduate! Network’s Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion initiative has curated a list of reading, film, and other resources for our communities. See list here. For TGN events, please see the calendar below, which will continue to be updated this month. 

LearnX 2020 featured a session on DEI titled “When the Difficult Work Becomes Critical: DEI in Our Work,” which included a foundation to understanding the terminology in DEI. This was just the start to this discussion. We want to continue supporting each of your organizations in this equity work so that we can become stronger programs and communities. Along with the DEI Leadership Circle, we will host follow up discussions, a book club for professional development, and more. Stay tuned for updates. 

For more information or to get involved contact Micaela Rios at or Cedric Deadmon at


Funding for this project is provided through a generous grant from