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A Conversation With St. Louis

Serving a 15 county, 2 state region in St. Louis, Missouri, Degrees That Work joined the Network in 2015.

Why does this work matter? Why are you building a pathway locally for adults to come back and complete a degree?

St. Louis has the aspiration to be a top ten region for educational attainment by 2025. We believe that no factor is more critical to the future prosperity of the St. Louis region than education. Working adults with some college and no degree are a group that we can most directly target as a business membership and advocacy organization. The Degrees That Work program will provide business solutions that have the ability to most directly support and motivate employees in our region’s most prominent companies and organizations.

Who were your first champions?

Our regional Talent Council was the leading voice for our initiative and the Top Ten Goal is being led by the Chamber.

What's your goal? What are you aiming for?

Our goal for the larger initiative is to be a top ten regionin educational attainment by 2025, which will require an additional 75,000 degrees over the forecast trendline. This means that 39% of our adult population will have a bachelor’s degree or higher by this date.

Why is your community an awesome place?

Have you heard of the St. Louis Cardinals? This team is the first reason. We are also a small community with big city assets. We are diverse, authentic, and have ample opportunities for individuals to find their place and pursue their ambitions.

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