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A Conversation With Philadelphia

A Lumina Talent Hub

Serving the City of Philadelphia, PA and greater region, Graduate! Philadelphia is the flagship site of the Network and began operating in 2005.

Why does this work matter? Why are you building a pathway locally for adults to come back and complete a degree?

There are 70,000 adults in the City of Philadelphia who started college and never completed their degree. We want to help them get their diploma so they are better able to compete for jobs that pay family sustaining wages. Right now, there are more jobs available than people who are qualified (i.e. have a college degree) who can fill them. So our work not only benefits the individual who gets their degree, but the City as a whole.

Who were your first champions?

Sallie Glickman (Philadelphia Workforce Investment Board), David Thornburgh (The Pennsylvania Economy League). Later, the United Way joined as a managing partner.. Our college and university partners were key in planning the work and continuing to make our work so successful.

What's your goal? What are you aiming for?

We hope to reach at least 1,750 new adults per year with information about how we can help adults return to school to complete their degree. It would be outstanding if 650 of these adults would be enrolled during the year.

Why is your community an awesome place?

Philadelphia is a wonderful city with lots of great cultural programs (I especially love the Fringe Festival and Ballet X), food (Philadelphia is more than just soft pretzels and cheese steaks, thank you), higher education opportunities (did you know that we have over 100 colleges and universities in our region?), etc. I love that it’s small enough that you know everyone but big enough that there are always new places and things to explore!

Community Advising Locations

Graduate! Center
Career One-Stops
Social Service Agencies
Public Events

Advising Staff

2 Full Time
1 Part Time
12 College Pro-Bono


Degree Attainment

Reach and advise 1,750 new adults each year with 650 new college enrollments per year.