Re-envisioning Retail – Upskilling and Employee Investment

Recently, The Graduate! Network’s Bridgett Strickler took part in a two-day webinar series hosted by the Colorado Workforce Development Council focused on equitable strategies for economic recovery and identifying opportunities for upskilling, reskilling, and redeploying displaced workers.

Follow the links below to view Bridgett’s panel or browse all of the videos from last week’s event.

Click here to watch “Upskilling and Employee Investment” featuring Bridgett Strickler.

Click here to view the full agenda and recordings.

Employers Pay it Forward by Helping Staff Return to College

(from New America)
Chief executive officer Ingrid Tolentino knows the value of employee benefits. Her company sells them.

Employers can buy legal services for their workers through MetLife Legal Plans Inc. Good benefits build employee loyalty, Tolentino would argue from MetLife Legal Plans’ office in a Cleveland skyscraper. That’s why she always thought it made sense to offer tuition reimbursement to her employees, particularly her call-center workers who need a four-year degree to advance.

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Watch Hadass Sheffer at North Carolina’s Adult Promise Symposium

On February 13th, the University of North Carolina System held North Carolina’s Adult Promise Symposium, a four hour event focused on the higher education and workforce imperative in North Carolina. The Graduate! Network’s Hadass Sheffer joined the National Perspective panel to share her vast knowledge around working with adult learners across the country. Follow the link below to view the panel.

Click here to watch the video.

Malik Brown, Executive Director of Graduate! Philadelphia, Interview on The Pivot

(from The Economy League of Greater Philadelphia)
The Pivot is a web series from the Economy League’s Impact Labs highlighting innovative organizational pivots happening across the Greater Philadelphia region in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The latest episode features Malik Brown, Executive Director of Graduate! Philadelphia, and focuses on the power of partnerships in these stressful times. Click the link below to access all episodes of The Pivot.

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How do you manage college online — quarantined with eight people?

(from The Hechinger Report)
Luis Gallardo’s favorite place to study was the library at the University of California, Berkeley. He preferred to work at night when it was quiet, and the distractions of the day didn’t pull at his mind. But last week, with the campus closed due to the coronavirus, his refuge and the resources that came with it were suddenly gone. He spent more than one morning at his family’s kitchen table, staring at his laptop, his thoughts frayed. He was looking after his younger sister, brother and cousin, who were trying to manage their own schoolwork, now online. His mom eventually came home after her shift at McDonald’s and sat down next to him. All the chairs were filled.

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Local organizations aim to virtually assist students during mandatory school closures

(from News 4 SA)
SAN ANTONIO – As a result of the coronavirus causing schools, universities to close, more and more organizations are working to ensure students and their education do not fall behind.

One of those organizations, San Antonio Education Partnership (SAEP), said they are offering phone and virtual advising sessions for local students. In turn, SAEP said they are hoping students of all ages and backgrounds will still have the necessary tools to continue striving towards their education goals.

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