AARP Public Policy Institute Launches Lifelong Learning Initiative

AARP Public Policy Institute is working with The Graduate! Network on a series of state pilot programs in KentuckyTexas, and Michigan to help older learners connect with resources and support that can help them overcome barriers, reskill or upskill for their careers, and, for some, fulfill a lifelong dream of higher education. They recently launched this website as a resource for learners aged 50+ which is chock full of information relevant to older Comebackers as well as anyone in our readership. For a dose of inspiration, we highly recommend the featured testimonial video, AARP 50+ Education Comebacker: Dorothy Mae Barr-Moore. Be sure to bookmark this site and check back frequently for updates including more testimonials! And, if you’re on Twitter, please join us in retweeting this post from @AARPPolicy; Facebook users can like or share this post from @AARPPolicy. If you post, please be sure to tag @TheGradNetwork on Twitter and Facebook

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